Rio 500 filetransfer "pour le connaisseur" !
03/04/2002 Finally updated the page ;)
What is it? RiOFXP is a replacement for the stinky RioPort software delivered by Diamond/S3/whatever.
It works with the Rio 5oo portable MP3 player, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.
It does NOT work with Windows 95 or NT, or earlier Rio players.
News 03/04/2002 Ok I finally took the time to update this page with a bit of info on this project.

First of all, I don't do any development on the thing any more. I sold my Rio500 and I now use a Compaq Ipaq with a 5 gig PCMCIA drive to play music. :)

RioFXP should still work on all platforms including XP, except for some pathologic cases with weird USB chipsets. You can download the last version below.

Support for the Rio 600 and Rio 800
Many people have emailed me about support for the Rio 600 and 800 models. I'd like to apologize to everyone who did not receive an answer, I'm a lazy ass and my Inbox is a black hole sometimes.

Some people also wanted pointers on how to build the support themselves. That is cool, and i'll tell you some things:

  • You need a USB bus analyzer to reverse-engineer the protocol used by the newer RIO models. Such devices cost an awful lot of money and can usually be found at univerities and large tech companies.
  • Alternatively, you can use SoftICE (from the NuMega Driver Studio) and h4xx0r yourself down to the USB driver metal.
  • There should not be too much difference from the protocol used in the Rio500 model, since I guess they still use the cheap MS reference driver rip-off.
  • Asking Diamond/RioPort/SonicBlue/S3/TurdSoft (or whatever they call themselves this week) for help will not work. They want cash, and then they'll prolly make you sign an ugly contract, which will forbid you to implement a download function (because God and the RIAA don't like that).
You see, the whole wazoo is not so easy. Better buy that iPod thing, there'll be good apps for it very soon, I guess. The genius who did the work on the Rio 500 was Cesar Miquel, and the page where he describes the 500s proto is here: http://rio500.sourceforge.net/rio_protocol.html

Good luck folks ! ;)
Features - Up and download of files and whole folders (batch up/download)
- Upload Queue and Random uploads
- Full smart media support !
- Deleting folders, files and formatting
- Rearranging of files on the Rio
- Custom font support for Song name bitmaps
- MP3 Tag support for song bitmaps
- Icon display of file types (you can upload ANY file :)
- File size display
- Mem free display
- "Always on Top" Option for easier drag and drop operation
- Dedicated Author
- Open Source ! Free !

Download Program Package: RiOFXP24.zip
Microsoft's Visual Basic Runtime Package: VBRun60sp4.exe
Source Package: RiOFXP24-Sources.zip This package also contains the latest object binary DLL.

NOTE: you don't need the sources to run it, but you MAY need the VB runtime package. If you upgrade, you will only need the new program package.

Authors Tom Kistner (tom@duncanthrax.net) -- The RiOFXP application
Andy Sherwood (enigmax@home.com) -- The Rio500Remix COM object

See README.TXT for more info

Email tom@kistner.nu