proFXP - a command line FXP client
What is it ? proFXP is a FXP (server-to-server FTP) client written in Perl. It features TAB completion, site management, idle timers, SOCKS support, active and passive mode, different listing modes and a very powerful "down-to-the protocol metal" 2-char-command command line interface, pleasing newbies and hardcore hackers alike.
UPDATE 04/09/2003 OK, I finally admit that I have no time to continue work on this little program.
If anyone feels like continuing where I left off, you can find me on Efnet as dcanthrax.
You need to know quite a lot about: Perl, TCP/IP, Sockets and the FTP protocol.

The binary below should work on libc6 Linux systems. The crash with multiple instances should be worked around now.

If you get the sources, you'll need to get some perl modules off CPAN to make
it work. If you're not root, or you don't know what CPAN is, you may get into
trouble ...

Oh yeah, the DOCS:
  1 - use BLACK background
  2 - use screen ('man screen')
  3 - try 'cf' for config flags ('cf [flag1] [flag2(opt)] [value]' to change em)
  4 - for the rest, use your brain until I have written the docs.

cheers, tom

Download BINARY Package: profxp-v3-pre2-linux-glibc.tar.gz
SOURCE Package: profxp-v3-pre2-src.tar.gz
Authors Tom Kistner (tom@duncanthrax.net)

Email tom@kistner.nu