exiscan - An email content scanner patch for the exim MTA  
NEWS March 2005 Starting with Exim Release 4.50, the exiscan patch is fully included in Exim.
I will continue to maintain the features of the patch in the official Exim
source. The former exiscan features are activated by setting flags in Local/Makefile,
according to the following table:

Feature Makefile flag Documentation
AV scanning ("malware") WITH_CONTENT_SCAN=yes Main Exim docs (doc/spec.txt)
Spam scanning ("spam") WITH_CONTENT_SCAN=yes Main Exim docs (doc/spec.txt)
MIME ACL WITH_CONTENT_SCAN=yes Main Exim docs (doc/spec.txt)
DATA ACL MIME support ("demime") WITH_OLD_DEMIME=yes Main Exim docs (doc/spec.txt)
SPF support ("spf") EXPERIMENTAL_SPF=yes Experimental docs (doc/experimental-spec.txt)
SRS support EXPERIMENTAL_SRS=yes Experimental docs (doc/experimental-spec.txt)
Symantec Brightmail support EXPERIMENTAL_BRIGHTMAIL=yes Experimental docs (doc/experimental-spec.txt)

If you are looking for historical patches, they can all be found in the attic,
along with the last standalone exiscan-acl docs and examples.
The last copy of the original webpage is below this <HR> tag.
It will not be updated any more.

What is it ? The exiscan-acl patch adds content scanning to the exim4 ACL
system. It supports the following scanning features:
These features are hooked into exim by extending exim's ACL
system. The patch adds expansion variables and ACL conditions.
These conditions are designed to be used in the acl_smtp_data
ACL. It is run when the sending host has completed the DATA
phase and is waiting for our final response to his end-of-data
marker. This allows us to reject messages containing
unwanted content at that stage.

The default exim configure file contains commented
configuration examples for some features of exiscan-acl.
(for exim 4.xx)
Patch for exim 4.44: exiscan-acl-4.44-28.patch (md5 | bz2)
Documentation (read this!): exiscan-acl-spec.txt (also included in the patch)
FAQ/Example document (NEW): exiscan-acl-examples.txt (read before posting on the mailing list)
Installation Enter the exim source directory, and apply the
patch file like this:
patch -p1 < /path/to/exiscan-acl-4.14-02.patch
You need GNU patch, so if you are on a commercial
UNIX system you might have to use "gpatch" instead.
And if that does not exist, you'll have to install it first.

After patching, the docs (spec) is in
doc/exiscan-acl-spec.txt and the default
"configure" file will have a commented
sample configuration.
Binary Distributions &
OS distro inclusions
Other than patching and compiling yourself, there
are other ways of getting an exiscan-enabled exim: All these sources may not reflect the absolute latest
exiscan version released, as they are not (always)
immediately updated when either new exim or exiscan
versions are released.
HOWTO for beginners Tim Jackson has written are very nice mini HOWTO
that is available in PDF format.
It is less technical than the spec file and should
help you setting things up. Thanks Tim!
Exim Course Slides I was a speaker on the Exim Course in Cambridge (30.06. - 02.07.2003).
Here's a PDF of the slides if anyone is interested :)
Mailing List Archives for the OLD exiscan mailing list are available on the web at GMANE
or via NNTP to news.gmane.org, newsgroup gmane.mail.exim.exiscan.user.
Authors Tom Kistner (tom@duncanthrax.net)

Email tom@kistner.nu