exilist - mailing list software for the exim MTA  
What is it ? Exilist is a mailing list manager (MLM). Its current key features are:
  • Sophisticated, modern, good-looking web interface
  • Browser-based administration, including list creation
  • Multi-domain capable
  • VERP bounce detection
  • SQL Database backend
  • Transparent installation, nothing done behind your back (yes, that means MANUAL installation !) :)
Prerequisites You need
  • a MySQL server (not necessarily on the same machine).
  • exim with MySQL support compiled in.
  • Perl with MySQL modules (DBI, DBD::mysql) and the 'Storable' module.
  • A web server with CGI capabilities (Apache will work fine).
Screenshots Here are some screenshots.
Download exilist-0.3.tar.gz (md5)
Changelog: exilist-changelog.txt
Documentation (read this!): exilist-readme.txt
Authors Tom Kistner (tom@duncanthrax.net)

Email tom@kistner.nu