Duncanthrax the Bellicose, the first king of the Flathead Dynasty, took the
throne from Zilbo III during a palace revolt on the last day of 659 GUE. He
expanded the kingdom by conquering Antharia and most of the Eastlands. He
also moved the capital from Largoneth to Egreth.

Historians disagree about Duncanthrax's life prior to 659. A petition signed
by palace guards in 657, asking for an increase in the mosquito netting
allotment, bears a signature that looks suspiciously like "Duncanthrax."
Some historians insist that Duncanthrax was general of the Royal Militia.
One legend even suggests that Duncanthrax was a demon who assumed human
form. Another legend describes him as a former rope salesman.

Key events in the reign of Duncanthrax are the battle of Fort Griffspotter
in 665, which gave Quendor complete control over the mighty Antharian navy,
and the Diablo Massacre of 666, the decisive battle in the conquest of the
Eastlands. As Duncanthrax's invasion swept across the new lands in the east,
he made a startling discover: huge caverns and tunnels, populated by gnomes,
trolls, and other magical races. Even as Duncanthrax conquered this region,
his imagination was inspired by this natural underground formation. If these
caverns and tunnels were possible in nature, so might they be formed by
humans! Duncanthrax realized that by burrowing into the ground he could
increase the size of his empire fivefold or even tenfold! Founding the
Frobozz Magic Construction Company to carry out his project, he became
responsible for what his great-great-great-great-grandson, Dimwit Flathead,
would call the Great Underground Empire. By the time of his death in 688,
Duncanthrax ruled virtually all territory in the known world, above and
below ground.

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